Introduction: {Knex Truck} Front Suspension, Steering, Rear Wheel Drive (RWD)

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Most of this is my design but i did give credit where credit is need to others that i got ideas from  ^   It has alot of torque it was meant to be a rock crawler but it is kinda low.  It is realy rigid i modified the front suspension and steering to fit my needs and to fit the chassis.  


chevy62 (author)2012-03-13

Good job to danymw and CRAZYCREATOR187 but that suspension and steering was over board for this project i went to a new steering design with out suspension but my steering idea came from your steering on the suspension but has been modified to fit my needs and the frame needs.

danymw (author)chevy622012-03-14

cool looks just fine.
can't wait to try to build mine.

chevy62 (author)danymw2012-03-15

yeah it looked cool but i didn't work so well i had to re design my steering and got ride of the suspension it was binding up and breaking.

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