Introduction: Knex Truck Steering

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Just so you guys know the steering is a little bit wrong so if you turn it to the left the wheels will go to the right

Step 1: One

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Make this and do not forget the steering wheel

Step 2: Two

Picture of Two

Make this

Step 3: Three

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Make this six times

Step 4: Four

Picture of Four

Make this this is the base

Step 5: Five

Picture of Five

Make this six times

Step 6: Six

Picture of Six

Add five and four

Step 7: Seven

Picture of Seven

Make these make the rods with two orange connectors make it one time and make the rod with the red connector three times

Step 8:

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Add six and seven together like these and dont forget to lock them

Step 9:

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Add two and step 8 together

Step 10:

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Add seven in the middle of step 9 and do not forget to lock them

Step 11:

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Add seven and step 10 in the top and dont forget to lock them

Step 12:

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Add another seven to make the top part and midle part of step 11 meet and dont forget to lock them

Step 13:

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Lock all of the white connectors

Step 14:

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Then add one and step 12 or 13 to close the system and attach the steering whell to two

Step 15:

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Put three on step 14


Very cool!

sandroknexmaster (author)2014-06-22

Nice, and epic joke :)

Lucas The Boss (author)2014-06-20


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