K'nex Trucks




Introduction: K'nex Trucks

These are my knex trucks. hope you enjoy. they have been modified a fair bit since this video was made



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    Here are some more pics of my version of your dune truck.


    And I have now finished the dune truck. Really nice, I like it a lot.


    I am working on building the dune truck from the pics. But I am about to go to bed so I won't finish till tomorrow.

    Nice truck doggie style wat is song?

    Four Words To Chock Upon by Bullet For My Valentine

    haha thanks.

    where you get the bodies from ?

    the monster truck bodie came off an old rc truck i had and the dune truck body is made from cereal boxes. :D

    thats a good idea i want to make it but i dont have the wheels :(

    btw where you get the exhaust pipe from on the dune truck

    that came from a knex chopper kit.

    oh where you get the wheels

    the wheels came off broken rc trucks my friends were getting rid off.

    oh :( ill still try to gets some different wheels so i can build it

    Good luck with the build. :D

    From a RC car... its in the video.