These are my knex trucks. hope you enjoy. they have been modified a fair bit since this video was made
Here are some more pics of my version of your dune truck.
And I have now finished the dune truck. Really nice, I like it a lot.
I am working on building the dune truck from the pics. But I am about to go to bed so I won't finish till tomorrow.
please post it!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
<strong>Nice truck doggie style wat is song?</strong>
Four Words To Chock Upon by Bullet For My Valentine<br />
@ 2:54
haha thanks.
where you get the bodies from ?
the monster truck bodie came off an old rc truck i had and the dune truck body is made from cereal boxes. :D
thats a good idea i want to make it but i dont have the wheels :(
btw where you get the exhaust pipe from on the dune truck
that came from a knex chopper kit.
oh where you get the wheels
ya?<br /> <br />
the wheels came off broken rc trucks my friends were getting rid off.
oh :( ill still try to gets some different wheels so i can build it
Good luck with the build. :D
From a RC car... its in the video.
just use what ever wheels you got, i originally built the white truck with the biggest wheels you get when you buy a tub. and it didnt look half bad.
show us how to build the dune truck!!!!!!<br />
you get 50 extra points for all the sick bands on the back of the dune truck, a day to remember is the best of them all
Alright so. im not posting the dune truck, i will post Destroyer if asked. but the dune trucks was sacrificed for another truck, None of my trucks stay in the same form for a long period of time. So if something gets posted ask practically immediatly while theres still a possibility that its together.
were are the instructions for destroyer.
they'll be up soon, i recently moved and i cant find my camera atm,
could you please have instructions for the dune truck please and thank you wright back soon.
make instructions for your pic please.
please make instructions for your trucks
Nawh dude im sorry, i cant remember most of it.
can you please post the dune truck
Im working on it, im having troubles remaking it tho,
in the first picture, what is the framing around the truck? a mold you made??
Nawh, its an old rc body
i made the instructions for the showcar here is the link <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/knex-chevy-show-car-instructable/">https://www.instructables.com/id/knex-chevy-show-car-instructable/</a><br/>
i have built the the show car (luckely i could remember how to build it) i will post instructions . i might have them done tomorow (tuesday) but probably not til wednesday. i will also post an instructale for mods and optional xtras
thanks man :D
i might be able to post im working on it now
thanks, and btw, i like the truck you got as your pic
i destroyed it ages ago lyk as soon as i posted it. i would post for u but cant remember how to make it
Dont worry about it then, ill just go off the slid show and hope for the best,
Could you post it. pretty please? ;D
by da way do u no how to make knex transformers
No idea.
um maybe but i destroyed it ages ago i try and remember
you should add a motor.... that would be cool
Ive tried but destroyer is so heavy that it just bogs the motor down.

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