T: Tactical
C: Controlled
E: Explosion
G: Grenade
L: Launcher
29: Uses only 29 peices (Last time I Counted)
This is my first Slideshow and MAYBE my first ible. It's either Breech-loaded or Muzzleloaded, depending on wich method you prefer, and doesn't use very many peices, and can mount on just about any gun. Should I post? Tell me in the comments! Remember, my camera broke and I needed to use my webcam. Please don't be too crude. Thanks :-)!
Not exactly a grenade launcher, just a tube and stick gun.
well, the point is to at least be a make shift weapon to mount under a rifle or as a stand alone support gun. muzle-loading all the time just to get a "spray" isn't what everyone wants. Just be glad it breech-loads like a real m203. If you don't like it don't build it. but either way, getting a comment from THE Jamalam does mean alot. Still, thanks for your honest opinion.
Thanks for not arguing back like most people, all your points are valid. Am I really that respectable? Thanks, that also means a lot :)
You are (as far as i have heard) pretty known on instructables i see u all the time you seem like a nice guy and people respect nice people, so basicly ya.
Cheers :D
I had to use a webcam. the ible will be better. I'll work on the ible I supose. It is REALLY powerful if you use a brocolli band! The ible will have better pics.
Dude, crude is used in the wrong context in that one sentence. It's basically making fun of a sex/gender.
Thank you for telling me. i meant to say cruel. I'll fix that.
Suppose its alright. And you built my gun.
I know that. One of the annotations said i built a modded version of manu11's mp5, and yours is the best mod i've seen, so i thought they would assume it's yours. now i gotta sniper rifle the grenade is on.
Nothing new.
pics not showin

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