Here is my first true trigger pistol, the pictures might be... bad?

Step 1: Building Time!

Build from the pictures, it should be easy.
Sorry about the messed up trigger mechanism parts.

 Who sets i necesit to buil this?
You generally don't buy sets to make guns here; most of us have a lot of pieces due to early value bins and<strong> REALLY</strong> early sets. If you want to build something without a piece count, make one yourself and buy the pieces off knex.com<br>
&nbsp;I will make a piece count soon.
first true trig, its not bad. the mechanism is much more complex than it needs to be, and you are well behind the times, but go and check some other pistols out, almost all of them have true triggers. then you can learn from them and make something much better. it deserves 3 stars, but it was on 2.72 so I&nbsp;rated it 5* and got it up to 3.15
noot bad!<br />
Isn't this my mechamism? Still... alright pistol i suppose. It's a bit behind the times, but at least it's true trigger. 2.5 stars.<br />

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