Pretty powerful, Im not gonna say its amazing because its not but its good.

Step 1: Make the Gun

handle. one picture should be enough.

Step 2: Put It Together

fireing pin.

Step 3:

front grip

Step 4:

some more pics...

Step 5:

my new uzi. sorry i wont be posting.
The hardness level from 3 to 4 isn't just an increase. Its a Mount Everest!
can i have the rest of the instructions
you should post but ohwell its awesome still :-{)
you might want to work on those instructions though....
as with every member, their first instructable is always their weakest when it comes to instructions. me and you are both examples.
looks at my guinea pig trap. sure its simple, but my pictures and descriptions are wonderful!
dude a comment from you means alot cuz u are a master of knex. *looking at the havy war cannon thing*
Wow! I was a noob there.
Thanks! I like this gun alot... Its actually quite good. As you seemd interested, have a look at my Knex heavy Cannon v2 - Mini. I hope to get instructions up before too long.
Test:<br /> <br /> =TEST=<br />
when you post i might build it since i never had enought pieces to build the big one.
Neat. I should have it up in a day or two.
oh.. and can i ask where do you get you elastic bands from
Any office store, they are #64 type, you can get about 100 for 99 cents. I got a picture for the ible I can show you...
i'm english but thanks for you help. does that say staples on the front because we have staples in england so i'l nag my mum to go there
Yep. Staples. The best store ever.
Uber late reply, but i think i will re-make this gun and make it up to "my" standards now.
I never see the difference between the handheld and normal version. Other than that, they're great!
Not true...
hey i modded ur rifle a bit want me 2 post a pic?
ok. sorry for late reply
nice i built this gun from the first pic, then modded it out so it shoos yellow rods, and has a spring system which is the butt of the gun
lol sorry about caps. i didnt realise they werer on.
instructions are really vague looks cool but I cant see how to be able to make it with these instructions
umm thats actually a resistor
no... its a geranium diode
no it isnt
actually, that looks like a decent gun, and it is your first gun. 5/5! and a fav!
ty loads man!!!!!
you should make a list of the things needed although it would take a long time
no problem :-)
That ram rod isnt so happy... =( its bent way too much!<br/>
yeah i know... the rubber band i use is a bit strong
I think that it's easier to build off the intro pics then in the instructions but the gun is awesome 4*s

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