Introduction: Knex Truss Bridge With Car and Boat

Picture of Knex Truss Bridge With Car and Boat

A neat truss bridge with a car and some other stuff to go with it

Step 1: Parts List

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Green: 4
White: 4
Blue: 2
Gray: 12
Yellow: 219
Red: 82
Gray bendy:9
Yellow bendy: 3


Grey 1-slot: 5
Grey 2-slot: 18
Orange: 48
Red: 4
Green: 2
Gold tabbed: 18
Blue 3-d: 44
Purple 3-d: 100
White: 7


Medium wheel: 4
Silver spacer: 4
Blue O-ring: 20
3 1/2 ft. tubing peices: 2

Step 2: Base

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These are the two support towers

Step 3: Truss

Picture of Truss

This is the truss just buil and leave the two peices aside when you're done

Step 4: Rail

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Step 5: Attaching the Peices

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follow the notes

Step 6: Car

Picture of Car

Step 7: Boat

Picture of Boat


rachsouthcott (author)2012-09-05

I've done such project once during our QA certification training in my college days. Its about bridge engineering.

Dumchicken (author)2011-04-26

weird in the related i saw the same ible

bumboozer (author)Dumchicken2011-04-29

A slideshow

Dumchicken (author)bumboozer2011-05-06


~KGB~ (author)2010-08-01


bumboozer (author)~KGB~2010-08-02

Are you gonna build?

~KGB~ (author)bumboozer2010-08-02

meh, im not makin much knex things anymore... i wanna start my p90 and maybe some class sniper...

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