Knex Tube Fed Rifle





Introduction: Knex Tube Fed Rifle

If you need more information or are unable to understand anything, please feel free to ask. I will try to respond in AT LEAST 24 hours, though I make no promises or guarantees that I will, because as we all know stuff happens.

If you see any errors in my grammar or spelling pleas feel free to point them all out.

Step 1: ​Gather Pieces

Step 2: Magazine and Barrel

This was the longest step. You build the magazine and the barrel.

Step 3: End

Step 4: Handle

Step 5: Finishing Up

Note: The next steps are the optional features.

Step number 6 is the fore grip.

Step number 7 is the stock.

Step number 8 is the scope.

Step 6: Fore Grip

Note: It can be mounted in two ways.

I did NOT come up with this fore grip. This fore grip was made/designed by the Red Book Of Westmarch.



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    i am gonna try to build it again, see if i can make some cool changes, like a pin guide. and replace the tube feeding mech with a magazine feeding mech. Can i send you some pics to upload or may i upload instructions for my own modded version of it

    You can definitely send me pictures if you want. You can also upload your own instructable for your version. What keeps failing? The one I have posted, with no modifications or your attempts at trying to make it better? I have been trying to fix it up myself with many failures to get the changes to work. If you want I can post some pictures of what I have so far. The mechanics of the gun (as posted) are quite complex. I Hope you have better succes at modding this than I have had.

    and if i remember there are no bendable orange conectors, or do you mean other orange connectors that i don't know about

    Bendable orange conectors? I'm not sure what you mean.

    Never mind, I see what you are talking about. I think I meant to say bendable orange rod, but as far as I can tell there are no bendable orange rods used in this build. Sorry about replying a long time later (it might have been even longer because I only noticed these comments because I couldn't remember how to put the trigger back together and had to pull this up). I am currently redoing this gun. As much as I love the mechanics behind the tubular magazine, I wasn't able to get it to fully work. I am adding a removable magazine and (If I can get it to work) making it a bolt action. I have also changed how the for grip is attached to the gun.

    Thanks, Any suggestions, advice, ...?