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Introduction: Knex Turret Gun

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Hello Knex community, and you may notice dun dun dun, it's a turret. Well if any of you saw me make a comment on sonic brooms Knex turret pistol, I said I haven't seen any "modern" turret guns on this site so I set out to make one. Now I realize killerk was the original designer of the turret gun and mine does not perform near what his does. He got like 200 feet and mine will get about 120 with fin ammo. Now this gun was not really meant for performance just intended for looks in a turret.

Good range 120 feet with finammo, 80 with yellow rods (like my epic pic of an actual shot)
Looks good IMO
Very comfy
High ROF
5 layer design

Does not get ranges of a ordinary turret gun

So that's it please leave me some feedback in the comment:)

Step 1: Internals



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    I know, right? But you really did earn the sub, as your stuff is really awsome.

    Not funny. I measured. But if you want to believe I didn't, ok. PS, I subbed.

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    Also, I was shooting with an angle.

    Pretty epic gun! I loved the picture of the flying rod.

    Nice job on the aesthetics! Always hard to pull off the connector body on a TR-8.

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    Well... I was planning on more Zip3 variants but I'm bored of that platform. So I'm taking a break from pump action and I'm designing a new Competitor... maybe. Regardless I'm going back to the good old ramrod so ranges will already be better than last time.

    I got 283 feet out of KK's tr8 with fin ammo and five cheap 64's.

    TRCB-8 and TPCB-8 by myself are both modern type like this. BTW, there are on my other account, TheAwesomestDude. But I do like this one. You have gotten really good recently. I really like that stock to handle thing you got going there.

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    Three things, first off thanks so much that really means a lot. Secondly sorry I thought i was the first to do this, I typed in Knex turret gun and probably looked through 100 pages and never found one like me and you have done. Thirdly if you are also TheAwesomestDude why was your first pistol on your MyOmy page so simple and far from your standerds?

    Your welcome. It's perfectly fine to make something that has already been done. No sweat. In fact I was certainly not the first. I do believe TheRacker made one and even before him I think bakenbitz posted one on KI called the SwagBoss. And the reason I made my couple first guns kinda bad was to make it believable that I was just getting started. I also am almost done with a Full-Auto inspired by a Lego gun I found.

    Cool build, I like how the handle and stock merge together so well. :)

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    Thanks I have always loved this kind of look

    Very interesting and it looks pretty modern. I have never seen i turret gun with that sort of stile so good job i think you pulled it of quit nicely. if you could give me some pix of the internals that would be cool i'm just wondering how everything in there works.

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    Thanks man I was kind of hoping for the front portion to be a bit cleaner but oh well. About the internals, they are very simple but if you want them I can get them up. I won't be able the show the barrel part but I'll explain it because the white connectors that hold the barrel together literally took an hour to get in place, and my fingers were bleeding. lol dreading taking this thing apart.

    okay don't worry about the internals if it's a pain to get the pictures.

    I can take off the paneling and around the handle if that will