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This is a knex turret rifle I made using a guy from youtube mechanism. I also used zacs slingshot rifles stock


superbestknex (author)2012-07-03

hahahahahhaah nice job on your recent gun it looks freaking amazing

Puddock (author)2012-01-08

I love the small handle! Build some more guns!

superbestknex (author)Puddock2012-01-09

okay ill make and post within next 4 days

me is assisin (author)2011-07-29

small handle D":

yep i made it fir my dog lol

What the hell?
Did you really make this for your dog?

yes my rabid huskie just joking

So are your hands just small or did you run out of pieces?

i have big hands i made it for my cousin to use in a knex war

ryry2011 (author)2011-07-16

look good

superbestknex (author)ryry20112011-07-29

thank you hows your leg

ryry2011 (author)superbestknex2011-07-29

yup, good

superbestknex (author)ryry20112011-07-31

thats great

ryry2011 (author)superbestknex2011-07-31


Football viking boy (author)2011-07-28


superbestknex (author)2011-07-21

why do you like the handle

me is assisin (author)2011-06-22

it looks pretty good
and it doesn't use many pieces
so make an instructable on it!
not everyone has alot of k'nex so
range is also nice.

thanks ill post soon

~KGB~ (author)2011-06-15

Cool! i dont beleive you lol, no ram rod gun can possibly get that...

superbestknex (author)~KGB~2011-06-15

just kidding it gets 115 ft with fins

~KGB~ (author)superbestknex2011-06-16


superbestknex (author)~KGB~2011-06-16

sorry but what does that mean

~KGB~ (author)superbestknex2011-06-16

Kay, Kool - KK

superbestknex (author)~KGB~2011-06-16

oh thanks hey im posting a new gun in a week .its a pistol it shoots 20-30. ft how do i make it shoot farther?

~KGB~ (author)superbestknex2011-06-16

no prob..... youll have to show me pics 1st so i can help you

superbestknex (author)~KGB~2011-06-16

all right my camera is charging illl post them as soon as possible

~KGB~ (author)superbestknex2011-06-16 Ok cool, could you please rate my ball machine 5* to help me win the toy challenge, heres the link:

~KGB~ (author)2011-06-15

not bad, make a bigger handle tho =D

superbestknex (author)~KGB~2011-06-15

thanks i glad you like it i use a small handle because i kinda have small hands
hey do you want me to post instructions

~KGB~ (author)superbestknex2011-06-15

no prob =D if you want

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