Picture of Knex Turret rifle
knex pic 002.JPG
knex pic 003.JPG
knex pic 004.JPG
knex pic 005.JPG
knex pic 006.JPG
knex pic 008.JPG
This is a knex turret rifle I made using a guy from youtube mechanism. I also used zacs slingshot rifles stock
Puddock3 years ago
I love the small handle! Build some more guns!
superbestknex (author)  Puddock3 years ago
okay ill make and post within next 4 days
small handle D":
superbestknex (author)  me is assisin4 years ago
yep i made it fir my dog lol
What the hell?
Did you really make this for your dog?
superbestknex (author)  killersir7514 years ago
yes my rabid huskie just joking
So are your hands just small or did you run out of pieces?
superbestknex (author)  killersir7513 years ago
i have big hands i made it for my cousin to use in a knex war
ryry20114 years ago
look good
superbestknex (author)  ryry20114 years ago
thank you hows your leg
yup, good
superbestknex (author)  ryry20114 years ago
thats great
it looks pretty good
and it doesn't use many pieces
so make an instructable on it!
not everyone has alot of k'nex so
range is also nice.
superbestknex (author)  me is assisin4 years ago
thanks ill post soon
~KGB~4 years ago
not bad, make a bigger handle tho =D
superbestknex (author)  ~KGB~4 years ago
thanks i glad you like it i use a small handle because i kinda have small hands
hey do you want me to post instructions
no prob =D if you want