I give SoleKiller and Seleziona 80% credit for this gun.

The Leutenant Licourice, made by SoleKiller, and modded by me.

>No stock
>Closer handle to trigger
>Longer Firing pin
>Safe front grip

>More Power
>More accuracy

>Less comfort
>Very rarely the firing pin jams, but can be pulled out
>If there are not enough elastics, it won't opperare the turret

very sorry about the video, the camera needs to be in a better position, it will be sorted after camp!!!!!! It will post a better video, this one has been removed and it won't let me remove it from the slideshow

I know right?!?!?!?!?!? LOL
why its alway awsome gun that is not posted?!
awesome! great idea, and you should definately post.
LOL good, except its pronounced 'likorish' not 'licoris'. SHOULD I BUILD?
Also definitely post. The idea of this is great.
I'm from the North of England, like Hiyadudez and Tom Buckey sonI pronounce Licourice like that :)
Oh. I'm cockney.
cockneys talk very strange right? <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HngRt7guls">lol</a>
No, thays street slang...
i know, it thought it would be funny... LOL
And, no, its cockneys 'speak' not 'talk'.
yeah i cant 'speak' very good english.
This is genius. I like this better than the oodammo mag SK had on his.
It isn't that good, I just put a turret on, any way it suddenly started to misfire, not hitting the pins on the turret hard enough, after I have perfected my NAR, I will go back to this
I think a few parts might have been disconnected from a bump or something.
bump? sorry for being noobish
I'm gonna make this! Very good! 5*
Yeah you can put this on your ible, just add me as a collab, I haven't got time to post- Project RYNO is on the way!
Alright, but it might not be for a while.
This looks pretty good.
dude, you're a complete genius, this is better then the turreted logic bow. definately building. This well deserves a 5*s.
thats what i call a proper knex weapon! 5*
Yeah, I made one of these from SK's video a while back. They're even better turreted, I'd recommend anyone build one. It looks like you've shortened the pin rail though, lack of pieces?
No, followed Seleziona's instructions, the rail is the same as in his, except with turret
Oh, maybe it's the lack of a stock that makes it look shorter.
Cool Five star
Cool. It looks like a K'nex gun s0l3kill3r (I Think). I don't think anyone other has made one like this. 4* Great!
Read the description, Seleziona has posted this gun, but the standard version, by sol3kill3r, this is my modded version
I also think a stock would be a great addition to it.

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