Knex Turreted Lt. Licourice





Introduction: Knex Turreted Lt. Licourice

I give SoleKiller and Seleziona 80% credit for this gun.

The Leutenant Licourice, made by SoleKiller, and modded by me.

>No stock
>Closer handle to trigger
>Longer Firing pin
>Safe front grip

>More Power
>More accuracy

>Less comfort
>Very rarely the firing pin jams, but can be pulled out
>If there are not enough elastics, it won't opperare the turret

very sorry about the video, the camera needs to be in a better position, it will be sorted after camp!!!!!! It will post a better video, this one has been removed and it won't let me remove it from the slideshow



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    I know right?!?!?!?!?!? LOL

    It isn't that good, I just put a turret on, any way it suddenly started to misfire, not hitting the pins on the turret hard enough, after I have perfected my NAR, I will go back to this

    Yeah you can put this on your ible, just add me as a collab, I haven't got time to post- Project RYNO is on the way!