Knex Two Stage Railgun





Introduction: Knex Two Stage Railgun

This is a mini version of something that PerfectDuck had invented.

How it works:
The big block trigger on wheels is pulled back to the back of the gun where it is locked in place by the main trigger. Then the firing pin is pulled back on the block trigger and the block trigger's trigger is locked in place. When the main trigger is pulled, the block trigger is pulled to the front of the gun by the rubber bands connected to the crossbow arm and then the block trigger's trigger is pushed out of the way by the green connector on the side of the gun and the block trigger shoots. This gives the bullet, which is in the block trigger, two times the momentum of a regular gun, thus maximizing ranges.



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    lol. i don't get it, isn't a rail gun automatic?

    A railgun in the true sense of the word is a series of very strong elecromagnets, cooled so they are superconductors. They are then turned on and then off again quickly in sequence, propelling a ferrous projectile very fast.

    Erm... No, I don't think so... What you mean is a gauss gun. There you have some coils around the barrel of your gun that attract a projectile and then deactivate in order to shoot the projectile. A railgun consists of two or more rails inside a magnetic field, through which you discharge a capacitor. This adds then fires your projectile without any kind of electromagnet, since you can just use permanent magnets. Both guns are electromagnetic weapons, but there are some differences in their firing mechanismes: Gaussguns (or coilguns) produce a magnetic pulse while railguns produce an electric pulse.

    how do you make a knex gun work like that?

    Erm, let me see, you hook up the plastic magnets (impossible) to a power source, supercool them so they become superconductive (not going to happen) and then use an extremely fast computer to power the (impossible) magnets nanoseconds after each other and propel the FERROUS projectile (yeah, because there are iron K'nex) out of the end. Get the idea? Incase you didn't, it's impossible. I said 'a railgun in the true sense of the word'.

    arn't plastics inducers or what was it again? I forgot the word, not a very scientific guy..

    Insulators, yes they are. I was taking the mick out of Moneyman for thinking it was possible to emulate such a weapon out of k'nex.

    well, during the process of making knex parts, you can add electromagnetic material making it a half-plastic and causing it to work, but it may be weak because there is low concentration.

    Or we could make metal K'nex.

    *Evil laugh*.

     Yes but they do not switch on and off and will cause the gun to ... "self destruct"?

    i'm sorry, did u just say i had mick? wtf is mick? i have a perfectly fine mick! there is nothing wrong with it! it's just as good as anyone elses mick!

    Cockney rhyming slang for 'taking the piss'.

    i don't want to seem annoying, but why the fu*k would someone want my piss?

    actually i was serious at first when i wrote the comment and i was gonna judge the responses i got to see if i wanted to say it in a serious way. so the answer is no, i was not being serious.

    Actually, I've been trying to make that type of k'nex for a while. hasn't worked out too well seeing as I have no lather or metalworking tools, not to mention no metal.

    nearly exactly like a gauss gun