Step 1: The Top of the Engine

Step 2: Middle Bit of Tha Engine

Step 3: Crank Case

Step 4: Final Result

This engine needz sum fine tuning...
thats whats up
lol just put my dads SDS drill on the grey bar on drill mode and it ripped the thing apart from the power lol
Thats awesome man, I know some of my other engines I have on youtube would be ripped apart from my dad's drill.
If only if u had a vid. I would love 2 see it. 4*
Actually I do have a video. Click on the thing that says: I am orange<br> <br> <br> <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sp6yHQCGNds">I aM oRaNgE</a>
it look like a v1 not a v2 but <br> very good <br> <br> <br>7 out of 10
(posted on step three) you can put another grey spacer on the other side of the blue rod for the first pic, either that or have the grey connector bump up against the yellow rod on the flywheel side of the crankshaft
Ya, I know that...
ah, okay then, you don't seem to need me, either way, I like the engine
interesting design, it's an okay design, you may want to add some pistons to it, but as an experiment it does nicely, build on it and I'm sure that you'll have a good engine there.
nice one!
what does it do <br>
Oh wat does it do??? It can produce power when hooked up to a drill for one. It can also explode if redlined for too long!!!
not bad 4*

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