K'nex Two in One Gun





Introduction: K'nex Two in One Gun

This gun is an extremely powerful kne'x sniper rifle and a shrapnel gun all rolled into one gun barrel.

Step 1: The Stock

The yellow bendy rods look the coolest, so use them is you can!

Step 2: The Handle

All you have to do is put the two halves together

Step 3: Barrel

What you see now is half the barrel. There are two rows of orange connectors inside like in my last secondary picture.

Step 4: Side Braces

They play the largest role in attaching the barrel to the rest of the gun

Step 5: Stock Shaft

This picture is upside down and backwards. Sorry.

Step 6: Put It All Together

You're almost done! It's time to put everything together now.

Step 7: Rubberband Clips

The rubber band clips hold the rubber bands on. (Obviously!)

Step 8: Rubber Band Placement and Loading

Put a rubber band on just like this on both sides. If it's only on one side, the trigger will break off very easily.

Step 9: Rubberbands and Ammo

Put as many rubber bands as you want inside the clips



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    How many pieces are required to build the gun

    Is this thing strong enough to melee people with? Just want to know...

    I don't think iy's strong enough to run with.

    Da barrel can withstand a pretty hard hit from a hammer

    u mean like hit them over da head with it?

    Yes, that is what I mean. That's generally how I build my own guns.

     you do know that 4 blue rungs = 1 gray ring right? :}

     Actually, 3 blue=1 gray |-].