Picture of K'nex Two in One Gun
This gun is an extremely powerful kne'x sniper rifle and a shrapnel gun all rolled into one gun barrel.

Step 1: The Stock

Picture of The Stock
The yellow bendy rods look the coolest, so use them is you can!
pumkinspice2 years ago
How many pieces are required to build the gun
wat about the trigger
Is this thing strong enough to melee people with? Just want to know...
I don't think iy's strong enough to run with.
X Files (author)  pie25x5 years ago
Da barrel can withstand a pretty hard hit from a hammer
pie25x X Files5 years ago
X Files (author)  mettaurlover5 years ago
u mean like hit them over da head with it?
Yes, that is what I mean. That's generally how I build my own guns.
iceman15 years ago
 you do know that 4 blue rungs = 1 gray ring right? :}

X Files (author)  iceman15 years ago
 Actually, 3 blue=1 gray |-].
cruelc5 years ago
POB!5 years ago
Hey, Love the gun but everyone has this obsession at the moment with overly-long barrels. Personally I don't see the point as you tend to lose power, and for the accuracy the barrel adds the only way that will make a difference is if you're shooting extremely long range. Anyways. Thats my rant over. Still. good gun. P.S. I made a shortened barrel version I will post the pics later. Pob!
DJ Radio POB!5 years ago
Longer barrel=more power.
POB! DJ Radio5 years ago
Sorry to kill your comment but longer barrel=less power. Whatever you're shooting will bounce around inside the barrel, create friction and slow down. :s
Higher accuracy, and the power makes up for the accuracy, because the rubberbands stretch further.
DJ Radio POB!5 years ago
Not if you build it right.  Certain guns (like my OSSR) have it where the bullet doesn't touch the barrel.
POB! DJ Radio5 years ago
 Does the ammo actually go down the middle of the barrel?
And would you mind telling me what oodammo is. I'm confused :s
DJ Radio POB!5 years ago
It does go down the barrel, but it doesn't touch the barrel.  Oodammo is a red connector with a white rod.  Oodalumps invented it.
POB! DJ Radio5 years ago
 Thanks for the info. But if the ammo doesn't touch the barrel whats the point in having a barrel?
DJ Radio POB!5 years ago
Where will you hook the bands to?  The longer the barrel, the more power it has.

Since the gun doesn't have a firing pin, the ammo is hooked to rubberbands and the bands are hooked to the end of the barrel, so it is a slingshot setup.
POB! DJ Radio5 years ago
 Why don't you just double up the rubber bands, get rid of the heavy barrel and hook the bands over twice?
DJ Radio POB!5 years ago
Ok, build my gun with a short barrel, and see how far it goes.  Then add more length to the barrel and see how much farther it goes.  The farther you stretch your rubberbands, the more power it has.
what do you mean shrapnel gun?
If anyone wants me to make a custom picture for them i will. just ask me. you can see 2 of my pics i made in my profile. :) please ask....
I'm up for a new avatar, maybe something involving a dillon minigun?
I don't got a minigun, but maybe you can copy and paste this and get a minigun in your picture=]
here is just an idea.
X Files (author)  RMConstruction6 years ago
What do you mean by 'avatar?'
he means the picture next to your name
X Files (author)  KnexMaster70005 years ago
k. thx
AKA profile image.
Hey i finished. if you want any changes just ask.
Not bad, but i was expecting a minigun a bit more full, that is only the barrel and motor assembly :p But you didnt know...
k ill fix that. do you want the same color for a background?
Yeah, that's fine. Thx.
idk why those spots are like blurry. it does that sometimes. if it bothers you i can try to fix it.
k. ill work on it :) thanks
X Files (author)  KnexMaster70006 years ago
A shrapnel gun is a weapon that fires over twenty shots with one pull of the trigger.
DJ Radio6 years ago
So you could just use any rail-based slingshot like the sipirani, load it, put a ton of blue rods in, and call it a shrapnel gun.
X Files (author)  DJ Radio5 years ago
u already said that
I know, but the comments disappeared.
Hiyadudez6 years ago
By the way, Its either: Knex, K'nex, K nex, K' nex, or K' nex, not Kn'ex
or knex, k'nex, k nex, k' nex, and you said K'nex, K' nex even though they are the same words.
X Files (author)  Hiyadudez6 years ago
Thanks . I'll change it.
the stock looks kinda funky but still its good 3.5
Hiyadudez6 years ago
Looks good, the handle looks a little flimsy, but i dont really like the stock- but thats my opinion. 4.0*