Knex UN-22R Mk1


Introduction: Knex UN-22R Mk1

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This is the first "real" version of this gun. This gun is more of a wall-hanger than a war machine. But read the stats =D

Good range for a replica gun 35-45 ft
Looks epic
Better trigger
Iron sights
Easy to maintain

Still underpowered
Low mag capacity
It can jam or misfire
This is one of the best replicas to own in your bunker or office; BUY IT TODAY AT AMMUNATION XD



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    Mk2 will have a stronger stock connection and tactical rails on the bottom while having iron sights.

    It aint bending too bad. And its based off a B.A.R. and a Winchester Model 1887.

    Thanks, that looks much nicer, and more like and old rifle, good job!

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    Thank you man =D The Mk2 will have tactical rails; an ironman69 like system. But only for the bottom.

    pretty good. just wondering, do u think i should destroy my shotgun? i want to know because i tryed to get it to work for 1/2 hour but it wouldn't work. i think i might make a rifle or somethin like that withit. what do you think?

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    k thanks.

    no prob =D

    Mk2 will feature *drum rolls* TACTICAL RAILS! So I can put things on the underbarrel like Grenade Launchers, lights, bayonets, foregrips ect.


    I will see what I can do about the n00btube =D

    The Mk2 will be more like a Modern day M14.

    Nice =D

    same =D

    Nice old assault rifle; high quality weapon =D