this is my knex USP-45. really powerful. For better pictures look by my instructables.

Step 1: Trigger

follow the pics

Step 2: Other

follow the pics

Step 3: Rubberbands/ram

where do i find the instuctions for the rest of the dam thing i cant make it <br>
Just look closely at the pics and you should be able to make it.
I'm gonna make this! Looks amazing too! Nice build!
Hey Guys, I don't play with knex anymore since 2009.
<p>why not? run out of things to make?</p>
nice i built it but it does not shoot can you help or is it just a modle? 4.5* well done
this was a very reliable gun i had to mad the trigger though... <br> <br>for my trigger mod it i think is the same size as the original trigger but i suggest you take the red peice at the bottom of the handle and switch it with one of the grey peices you use for ammo
I know this comments late. but the trigger is weak, when i built it it couldnt hold the strain of the firing pin. i tried weaker and weaker bands but it still wouldnt work, any suggestions
Maybe you should push the end caps of the Y-connector to eachother.<br>Then they would have more grip on the green rod I think.
no offense but i made this before and modded the trigger it needed rubber bands but this thing is horid sorry tho:(<br />
FINNAY&nbsp;YOU&nbsp;MADE&nbsp;INSTRUTIONS&nbsp;BUT&nbsp;U&nbsp;NOW&nbsp;WHAT&nbsp;to bad i made from pics lol but it still is very good
hij is wel vergeten de pros en cons derop te zetten , eh ?<br />
&nbsp;mwoah de tds is beter&nbsp;
hij s cool man coole gun<br />
ja klopt het si the trekker ja ;)
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Usp-45/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Usp-45/</a>&nbsp;hier kun je zien hoe je em beter maakt met een elastiekje
ik heb hem 3 weke geleden gemaakt , maar et is echt een kut ding ... sorry
okeej maar dat ligt cker aan de trigger.
welke schiet harder , deze of die soort uzi van jou ?
welk pistol van jou schiet et hardst en hoe ver ongeveer ?
deze&nbsp; hoe ver weet niet :)
zegmaar negeren :P <br /><br />
<p>the trigger is a very big problem. If i pushit it snaps and when i have the gun cocked and i pull the trigger it snaps off....... Please try to make a mod for this</p>
then you have to put some rubberbands on it, so it not snaps.
hoe ver kan dees schieten ?
looks like a simple TDS.
I let go of the fact that 90% of side arms look like the TDS. I was the first to post the design. I it was really generic so it was kind of hard not to copy it although everyone took the same basic ideas without trying to change them up too much like my handle. With the concept of oodammo and triggers that block behind the handle, these kinds of weapons are obsolete.
I agree, I would never post one of these anymore. Plus you have really made a name for yourself.
I kind of regret helping the fad. By the way, up for a friendly challenge? I made yet another update to my new oodassault pistol and I want to see what you'd make in response. You said you could top whatever I made next. I'm not taking that offensively and I'm not trying to act like all that either I just want to see what you would come up. I'll show you a couple pictures if so.
Why not try. I mean I doubt I will beat you cuz your more popular, but I'll give it my best shot. Where can I find pictures??
Not really. The KIers don't think much of me and a lot of iblers hate me for "converting". There are already a few people who publically admitted to liking your guns better than my oodammo pistol. I'm sure you have a fair chance as long as you make something just as good. Let me grab some pictures here shortly. Where do you wanted them posted? Your orange board?
well i don't hate that many KI people two of them being zak and you so come back here any time
Well thanks man. Just post them on my Orangeboard. And I'll get to work.
only on that picture because its not complete on that picture
The one thing I like is the trigger.
i will make it!

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Bio: I dont play with knex anymore
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