Picture of Knex USP
This is my knex USP based on the real life gun, not the one from COD MW2 :P. I hope you guys like it!

Nice design
Appealing(in my opinion)
10 shot mag( can be extended at will)
Comfy handle
True trigger
25-35 feet range

The top of it (above the top track) is a little weak but can be fixed)
Uhum I can't think of anymore, let me know if there are any.
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Step 1: First layer

Picture of First layer
knex 006.JPG
Make this.
Add in your gray/white rods.

Step 2: Track/ Second layer

Picture of Track/ Second layer
knex 008.JPG
Make these.
Add these on.

Step 3: Trigger

Picture of Trigger
knex 010.JPG
knex 011.JPG
knex 012.JPG
Make this.
Add it in.

Step 4: Second layer of handle

Picture of Second layer of handle
knex 014.JPG
knex 015.JPG

Make this.
Add it on.

Step 5: Final layer

Picture of Final layer
knex 017.JPG
Make this.
Add it on.

Step 6: Ramrod, mag push, and banding

Picture of Ramrod, mag push, and banding
knex 019.JPG
knex 004.JPG
Make this.
Make this.
I built it and it is awesome, but I don't have enough Bands to make it powerful enough.
This is actually... really good, rare to find yellow rod mag pistols, the only I knox of are Knexfreek's and I am Canadian's
The desperado is the best one out there.It's good looking, accurate,and it's powerful.
And my gun is a yellow rod mag pistol. LOL :P
MrSillyGuns (author)  TheFoofinator4 years ago
Thanks! have you built it?
i modded it a bit, mine shoots blue rods, it has an extended magazine, it has a better trigger, no mag push, and im working on removable mags.
knexboy9593 years ago
Mag can be smaller
mahmel4 years ago
Don't call it a USP
MrSillyGuns (author)  mahmel4 years ago
why not?
It doesn't look like
MrSillyGuns (author)  mahmel4 years ago
i dont care, this is one of my crappy old guns, if u dont like it, dont build it
I'm only give you advice :)
And of course I'm not gonna build it
Dawson.J4 years ago
I made this gun and it shot strait through a tin can!(with a sharpened rod)
MrSillyGuns (author)  Dawson.J4 years ago
nice, im happy u built it! :D
PindaHoofd4 years ago
This is awesome compaed to your PHCKG.
MrSillyGuns (author)  PindaHoofd4 years ago
Have you even built it? It can shoot pretty far, don't be afraid to put more bands on.
I won't even build.
MrSillyGuns (author)  PindaHoofd4 years ago
well you shouldn't even say fail because you don't even know if you like this gun.
The looks fail. It doesn't look like an USP.45.
MrSillyGuns (author)  PindaHoofd4 years ago
There's alot of guns that don't look like what they say and if you don't like it, then don't look at it.
rofl4954 years ago
This was based off of the USP on mw2 because the one in the game has a laser attatchment and for some reason people think that adding a huge block under the barrel of a pistol will make it a USP 45.
MrSillyGuns (author)  rofl4954 years ago
I only said that because people normally get mad if u say "based on COD MW2". Just sayin.
I know, but you were lying.
MrSillyGuns (author)  rofl4954 years ago
well thanks for correcting me.
yea, same with the desert eagle, idk why they even did that it makes the guns look retar- err i mean a politically correct term for the word i almost typed.
DJ Radio4 years ago
Ehh. It's average.
MrSillyGuns (author)  DJ Radio4 years ago
Ehh. Your average. :P lol i tried
Ive been waitin for someone to put him in his place. LOL
MuseGlitch4 years ago
relatively simple yet functional design. i like it! Im in the process of making it right now. KEEP IT UP!
MrSillyGuns (author)  MuseGlitch4 years ago
~KGB~4 years ago
looks a bit like one...
GTRPLR19954 years ago
NICE, It reminds me a little of mine. 5*