Knex Ultimate Drumsticks!!!


Introduction: Knex Ultimate Drumsticks!!!

These are Knex drumsticks i haven't built drums yet but you can use pots and pans.
Pic#1 The drumsticks.
Pic#2 Showing the heads of the sticks.
Pic#3-4 Assembly (Get a gray rod and a gray connector and connect them).

Step 1: Construction

The sticks are really easy to build what you need to do is.
Get a Gray rod and a Gray connector.
Hover the Gray rod over the Gray connector and push it down. (Do this twice)
And your done!

Step 2: How to Use Them.

To use them grab them by the ends without the gray connector and drum i think pots and pans work pretty well as a drum set.



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    This project looks awesome but there isn't enough documentation of you actually making it to be a full Instructable. There are two things which you could do. 1) If you happen to have images of you making your project you can create some more steps, add those additional photos into your Instructable and then republish your Instructable. 2) If you don't have any more pictures of you working on your project, that's ok too. That just means that your project is better suited to be submitted as a slideshow. Your images are already in your library, and you can use the same text that you have already written for your Instructable so it should only take a few minutes to create your slideshow and show the world what you made! Thanks for your submission and let me know if you have any questions along the way.

    Take this out of the highest rated instructables group. Last time I checked this was no where near 4 stars.

    1 reply

    I suggest making something that requires more than 2 pieces.

    This is insulting to the K'nex community, we can make two pieces snap together y'know?

    I find that using a grey rod with a tire on the top makes the best sound with a real drum set...

    5 replies

    You can also make "brushes" with a bunch of grey rods and elastics

    hmm, I never thought of that, good idea!

    It doesn't work so well on the snare, but it makes the cymbals sound cool. Do you have a drum kit?

    Ya. I also play snare in marching band.

    What type of drums do you have?

    Wow, you must be some kind of "Ultimate K'nex Master".... (/sarcasm)

    Seriously, this doesn't need an Instructable; all you need to do is snap one piece to another.

    Connecting a part to another part does not make for a very good instructable.

    Is this a serious instructable...