Introduction: Knex Un-Clipping Knife

This is a Knex Un-Clipping Knife that you can simply un-cip the blade from the handle then attach it on the side of the handle for easy storage!

Not much more to say....So....Lets get building!

Step 1: The Handle

This is the handle, its pretty basic, just follow the pictures.

1. Make this
2. Make it's twin
3. Add white rods to one of them where shown
4. Make this
5. Get these 2 pieces
6. Put them together like so
7. Get these pieces
8. Put them together like so
9. Get these pieces
10. Attach them on the handle like shown.

Thats the handle done. Now the blade.

Step 2: The Blade

This is the blade, follow the pictures.

1. Make this
2. Another view of that
3. Get these 3 silver spacers
4. Slide them on like so
5. Make this
6. Attach it on like so
7. Get these 2 gray connectors
8. Attach them on like so
9. Get this tan clip
10. Attach it like so
11. Get a Y-Connector
12. Attach it like so
13. Add a ball socket to the end of each gray rod. (sorry, but there is no picture.)

Step 3: How to Un-Clip and Re-Clip It

Step 4: Your Finished!

Your finished! Have fujn with your new knife...

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chopstx made it! (author)2009-10-28

Nice idea, but how strong can it really be if you can un-clip it so easily? 

_kira_ made it! (author)_kira_2009-11-10

hmm not strong enough i slashed it going very slow and the orange par unclips very easily

chopstx made it! (author)chopstx2009-11-10

I was gonna say..........

_kira_ made it! (author)_kira_2009-11-11

say what

chopstx made it! (author)chopstx2009-11-11

Say what?

PindaHoofd made it! (author)PindaHoofd2009-12-11

In the butt.

chopstx made it! (author)chopstx2009-12-11


Hiyadudez made it! (author)Hiyadudez2009-10-28

Hmm... I never got round to testing that, too bad I've already broken it...

Pizzapie500 made it! (author)2009-11-20

Oh I thought this was a knex tool so it would be easier to take and put knex pieces on and off. (without geeting hurt/welts)

Seleziona made it! (author)2009-11-02

nobody should be playing with knives, THEY ARE DANGEROUS

P.S: check out my knife too!

Whaleman made it! (author)2009-10-28
So... You got construction toys meant for assembly and disassembly to assemble and disassemble? 
Hiyadudez made it! (author)Hiyadudez2009-10-29

Yes, thats exactly it :)

See... I figured that if you assembled and toy meant for assembling and disassembling you could create something that could assemble and disassemble, thus assembling a new creative way :)

Mr. Muggle made it! (author)2009-10-28

Cool, finally a normal knife that's not rubbish

Hiyadudez made it! (author)Hiyadudez2009-10-28

Thanks :)

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