Picture of Knex Usp 45 --- Review ---
usp 45.jpg
this is a knex Usp 45. It's powerful, good grip and simple to reload. I gonna post it soon.
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Doc Penguin6 months ago

permission to mod pls???

Doc Penguin6 months ago

this has 2 be the first mag-fed handgun ive ever seen

morrisme1 year ago

5* definitely.

love this gun so much i built it and rated 5 star (if you have time i would like you to look at my gun i have built its a bolt action with a 25-30 round mag and a grenade launcher attachment ) ps i would like you to tell me where to improve here is a link
rheath23 years ago
ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm........................thats a P99. ':(
incorrect, that is in fact a USP tactical .45:
this is a walther p99:
no one cares if it is a real gun or not. it just looks kool and its a nice build
please post it
masked1013 years ago
Plz Givez us a tut plz
Puddock3 years ago
Doing a review on your own gun huh?
And it's no that long.
ooocol223 years ago
PLEASE POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Awsome gun, and thank you for posting a picture of an authentic usp 45 and not one from call of duty.
An Villain3 years ago
I think it's considered bad taste to review your own creation.
Where r the instructables 4 this?
this is awesome dude 5*
Kitasaki4 years ago
its alright...
Seleziona5 years ago
 trigger looks like it would break.....
Trust me; those things actually hold a TON of force that way. You ever seen the Blazer? Yeah. That thing can hold as many RB's as the plastic can take before it breaks.
Congratulations! i knew that! You get a smack and a cookie!
AKA this trigger will NEVER break unless you do it intentionally.
I know..... I'm not some two year old that plays with knex.... or am i?
*fires railgun*
*upper cuts you* *you drop the gun* *i pick it up and hit you over the head and shoot myself*
Sorry about the weird formatting; Firefox is going stupid.
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lacs98 pkmn4 years ago
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Dude. No necro'ing. You just commented on a THOROUGHLY dead reply chain.
Don't judge........;D
Judging and being angry at a necro'er are VERY different things. Guess which one I'm doing. Here's a hint: I'm not judging.
I'm not even going to ASK what a necro is, even though I have no clue what it is. So there.
Reviving a dead comment chain or forum topic. Universally hated throughout the internet. Hence, STFU.
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