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My knex uzi with internals and attachments hope you like it this a working model


fidgetthehamster (author)2017-11-16


nolengarey (author)2017-01-03

where is the instructions

TheKnexChicken (author)2016-02-28

u copied the mac 10 and just added a fore grip

master-splinter306 (author)2015-09-23

I love it!

BasketballProdigy14 (author)2015-07-13

This is okay. You should upgrade it.

Doc Penguin (author)2015-06-22

not bad

sandroknexmaster (author)2015-05-19

Looks good!

CorgiCritter (author)2015-05-07

Nice gun, but credit to Entine or whatever his name was since this us just his mac 10.

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Bio: Hey guys I'm mt41 I make knex gun models of real guns (non working) it's just what I enjoy doing if you guys ... More »
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