Het guys! I decided I will post something anyway. So this is a gun I built with nightmarefoxykiller3680. We did it at my house because we live in the same neighborhood. I hope you guys like it. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<p>Uzis remind me of something bad. Really nice design though.</p>
<p>thanks. what do they remind you of?</p>
<p>Ehh it was just someone that said something very horriffic some years ago related to uzis. I have not really liked them ever since now. Not my preferred gun. I personally prefer a revolver type gun.</p>
<p>turret type guns are similar to real life revolvers, although the drum is located at the front of the gun, where it replaces a barrel.</p>
<p>Oh well, i didnt try to make it like that, sorry.</p>
<p>No it's fine. It's a great design, I just kinda wince a bit at the name &quot;uzi&quot;.</p>
Cool uzi. You can't really see much in the picture though :)
<p>Okay, thanks! And I will fix that. :)</p>
<p>Looks nice! :) </p>

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