K'nex "Uzi"





Introduction: K'nex "Uzi"

A 15 round "Uzi" made of K'nex.
Any and all similarities to other guns on this website are strictly coincidental.

Piece Count:

Yellow - 53
Red - 7
Grey - 10 (including ammo - 25)
Orange - 24

Grey/Black/Opaque - 2
Blue - 13
White - 23
Green - 70

Ball Joint Socket - 1
"Y" Shaped Black Pieces - 9
Tan Clips - 1

Step 1: The Handle/Magazine

Picture 1: Build these.

Picture 2: Build these.

Pictures 3 and 4: Put pieces from Picture 2 on one of the pieces from Picture 1.

Picture 5: Place the other piece from Picture 1 over the pieces from Picture 2.

Picture 6: Connect the four corners with blue rods.

Step 2: Top of the Handle/Magazine

Pictures 1, 2, and 3: Build this (ignore the grey connectors).

Pictures 4 and 5: Connect to the part from Step 1 as shown.

Step 3: The "Barrel"

Pictures 1 and 2: Build this (ignore the grey connectors, again).

Pictures 3 and 4: Connect to the top of the piece from the Step 2.

Step 4: Back of Gun

Pictures 1 and 2: Build this (ignore the grey connectors outside of the yellow connectors).

Pictures 3 and 4: Connect to the piece from Step 3.

Step 5: Ram Rod and Ammo Pusher

Pictures 1 and 2: Build these.

Picture 3: Insert into proper positions.

Step 6: Adding Rubberbands

Pictures 1 and 2: Add the rubberbands as they are in the pictures (in the second picture the rubberband is through the hole in the yellow connector).

Step 7: Loading and Firing

Picture 1: Load 15 grey connectors into the bottom of the handle as shown.

Picture 2: Replace the ammo pusher and rubberband. Pull back on the ram rod and release to fire.



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    I aggre with dr. richtofen. idoes look like a "T". Also a uzi barrell and assembly is not that small and thin. Lastly you do realize that a uzi holds 32 rounds?

    where the heLl is the trigger

    you can never have a mag thats too big

    is it allright if i replace the black stick for a grey stick??

    while i don't have enough pieces to build this...(i'm a starter) i did make one that works just like it :D

    you don't need a ball joint socket you can use a orange connecter instead

    i like wish it had a trigger but defintly good job

    knex_pls, that gun is a uzi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i made a true trigger 25 round grey connecter shooting uzi and i will be posting a slide show soon


    the mag looks perty cool.



    very nice! instructible is clear, easy to follow and has great pictures the gun could use a better firing system but otherwise is pretty good

    1 reply

    Thank you!

    where in the name of **** is the triger

    1 reply

    There is no trigger, sorry!