K so when I realized I couldn't fit sawyers horizontal mag bolt action mech in my gun i them made a unequal design

The lever is at the bottom of the top breech loaded mag when you push the lever forward it catches the round then wen you tilt back the gun and release the lever it puts a round into the chamber


Power 60-80 ft with red rods (including oodammo and finammo)

Accuracy ok but short barrel does hurt

Looks badass if u ask me

Front grip is removable and comfy

Mech works ok but still has flaws

Can fire special "over cover rounds" which are weighted and when fired at an angle will go over cover and suicide bomb behind it

Any questions tips hints or if u want instructions plz ask in commentary
Well to work it you pull back the pin then push the lever forward to push a round up in the mag<br><br>The lever is just a replacement for a mag pusher (I hate mag pushers)
Should I post<br>
wait... so how does it work? could you sketch the mech or something?
Yeah but it works and looks goodish
<p>i don't really like the stock but the pictures are a lot better! </p>
<p>Looks great!</p>

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