First: https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-V8-Engine-Part-One-Version-Two/   <<< Thats the new one.

Took me about 3 days to create as much as this engine as I could till I ran out of pieces, and since its labeled part 1 you know that I have much more to make for this engine. 
This is just a video of me using a powerful corded drill to spin the crank shaft.

My plan is to finish the engine, work on the clutch and then the transmission (manual of course)


I also took instruction pics so here is a poll:
If I get 30 "+1" in each comment posted (One Per Person)
I will post the first half the instruction, you can build it now and wait for my next set to come or...you build it and finish the rest of it yourself, but I wouldn't since it would ruin the fun of me doing it for you, I.E. DON'T DO IT!!!

I also give thanks to needles300; his instructable helped me think of a way to have the pistons move, and guide without shaking all over the place.

+ 1
I'm not completely satisfied with this engine, So...I'll be re-doing it.
Please post instuctions <br>
this is amazing!!!
What kind of drill do you use <br>
erm ive never made one lol :D
you need to make a vid of it exploding from too much power it would be awsome to see knex fly all over the place
that would be lol
you should put that in a car and see if it would go over 60 km lol
I think...I'm going to take the time to do this.
+ 1, +2 +3 + 4+5
ya that tells a lot you dont tell us how to make it. I mean you did a good job but what if some one wants to make it
Read the info lol
Its been a while since I've been on here; I finally got moved into the new house. Also I got my new knex pieces...and it doesn't seems like i get alot for my money ( I spent about 116 dollars for ordering separate parts ) I will continue building till i then again run out of pieces.
+2 +1
part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THAT IS INSANE! It is kind of cheating using a non knex motor.
I guess, but how did you get it to fit on the rod without breaking anything?
The pistons? Its all with the alignment of the guides
No, the motor.
Just tigten the drill on a rod to spin
Oh right. I'm no mechanic, I thought that drills were screwed into the barrel somehow.
What? What barrel lol
The drill barrel or something. I know nothing about drills, I assumed the drills were screwed into the spinning bit somehow.
Thanks :D. But what fun is it when you can't use a motor that goes up to 2500 RPM? haha
I'm currently in the process of moving to another house, so it might take a little over two weeks for the next part to be posted. You see I have to buy more pieces, but I don't want to have the pieces shipped somewhere... where I no longer live.
epic! that thing is a beast! 5* well worth posting!
Thanks :)
no problem!
I suppose I could post instructions within the week. I'll wait till it gets more views
whew, that's pretty fast!
Haha thanks ;P still trying to get it to go full speed without failing. I don't think the pistons are able to keep up with the speed.
post +1
Post +1
nice, please post! p.s. i've got that tank too :D
post pleeze and finish the second half quick

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