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Introduction: K'nex VSS Vintorez

About: Hey there. I won't add too much info here, as it'll show up as one big paragraph.
Hello everybody. I made this gun today, it's based of the VSS Vintorez. VSS is a Russian abbrevation, which translates to 'Special Sniper Rifle'. It's a pretty interesting gun, as the whole exposed barrel is wrapped around with a built in silencer. This allows the gun to be very quiet, and therefor is ideal for special operations, especially with the often used subsonic ammunition. What also makes this rifle interesting, is that it's meant to be a sniper rifle, for ranges up to about 600 meter. But if there's a need to, it can also fire fully automatic.
I originally wanted to build an AA-12, but then I saw that the Red Book of Westmarch posted an amazing one, so I decided to build this gun. It is a model, with pretty good looks. 
There is two other VSS's on this site (one amazing one by Mr. Stealth, and another, bit less looking one). I think this one can rival to Mr. Stealth's one, in terms of looks. This one has a bit more details in some parts (such as the stock), but his has a way better scope.
I hope you like the gun, and tell me what you think.

Pro's and Con's:
+ Looks pretty good
+ Good size
+ Sturdy almost everywhere
+ Pretty good weight
+ Compact. The real one is  only 90 cm long, this is a tiny bit longer.

- Doesn't shoot
- Scope can be a lot better
- Back iron sight is meh (fixed a bit in update)



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    Long gone. Replaced by weeb stuff, so it's not like it got any better either.

    Inderdaad, de VSS ziet er over het algemeen ook uit als een wat 'rondere' Dragunov

    Nice job! Looks very nice! Keep the nice guns coming!

    1 reply

    Thanks :D The VSS indeed looks a bit like the Dragunov, only a bit 'rounder', and a fatter barrel

    Thanks =D Are you working on anything ATM?

    awesome gun man!
    en der is een twilight versie van?!

    3 replies

    Thanks :D
    De Twilight versie vond ik hier, in een reactie:
    Iemand had een reactie geplaatst met foto's van pony-kleur versies van verschillende geweren

    Thanks :D It indeed looks short, I agree

    Thanks :D It'd indeed be better if it shot, but I ran out of most useful pieces :/