Another MW2 Gun xD Agian doesnt shoot ( incase you havent noticed, I don't make guns that shoot) Thanks to Gtrain for the handel :)
i think you can do alot better if it doesnt shoot but i guess its ok you should have angled the whole middle part less and made the front part alot thinner.<br />
Made it :D its epic but i changed the stock
Nvm ill try to make it from the pics since it doesnt shoot it dont have to be too dificult
First of all ITS EPIC 5*! second plzzz insturctions
This looks almost exactly like the same thing! 5*
Pretty good!&nbsp;4.0<br /> <br /> Sad no one woulda built this if it weren't for MW2.<br />
i actually considered it before mw2<br /> <br />
Okay. Still 4*.<br />
I liked Gtrain's better.<br />
wow.<br /> <br /> nice.<br /> <br /> 4.5 and i would fave... can i ask for the instructable?<br /> <br /> im sorry to Gtrain, but this looks better...<br /> <br /> can i also ask you too look at the iron sights on MW2, as well as having your dot sight option :)<br /> <br /> although, it would be much better if it could shoot... thats why i haven't gave it a 5<br />
nice! 5*

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