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Introduction: Knex Vector (Kriss Super V)

Well, what can I say? I have been working on this for the last couple of months and recently started modifying the heck out of it.  It went from looking kinda like a Vector to being almost a carbon copy.  I guess this intro isn't as biased as my other ones.  If you want to see the history and development go to the forum topic located at

I will just get into stats:

Range: Untested
Fire Rate: ~1 round a second without aiming, ~ 1 round every 1.5 seconds with aiming
Magazine: 15-20 round removable type, holds grey connectors
Reload time: ~ 5 seconds

I feel it is Really accurate to the real one
Fast fire rate
Comfortable handle
Nice dot sight
Stock feels nice
Foregrip is real sturdy

Was unsturdy near midsection during firing, havent tested it after moding it, but I feel that I fixed it
Most likely has short range, it might surprize me though
Really hard to take apart, so the Instructable is going to be annoying
Magazine holder/release takes away from the accuracy (looks) of the gun

Instructable not happening... pictures of internal mechanics added for those who wish to give it a go themselves. 



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ive got mw2 ther i just replied also good replica

Are you ever going to post this?


nay... taken apart a long... long... time ago... there are some pictures of its internals somewhere on my cpu... The offer I made a long time ago still stands to anyone who wants to try and re-make this...

could you post the internal pics then?


I've got to find them... but if I do... separate forum or on the slideshow?

On the slide show and if you have any panel pics i.e. the layer pics please post them as well.


K... I found the pics... I'll try to get them some time this weekend...


Sorry it took me one extra week than I told you... but they are up :)

And what is the ram rod?