Hey everyone! This is a lift that was originally in Citadel, the Vertical Jigsaw Lift! It's much like a normal jigsaw lift, except it's going straight up instead of diagonal, which saves space and time. A rotating center section which looks like a jigsaw blade goes around with the help of a counterweight, and the balls go up a freefall step by step.

The design for the main parts of this lift were invented by Tornado96, who gave me permission to complete the design (adding the motor and tracks) and post the instructions.

This lift can be made taller than the one in these instructions; just make sure to extend the driveshaft in the back (more info on this in Step 5).

Here's a video of the lift in action: (direct link)

Note: This lift only works with the older Knex balls (the ones that come in two halves), since the newer balls are too big to fit into the freefall without modification. You'll have to change it to work with the newer balls.

If you want to build it, let's move to Step #1!

Step 1: Get the Pieces

Like most first steps, you'll need to gather pieces for the lift before building anything. The parts list for my version of the lift is below, which will be covered in these instructions. If you don't have enough pieces, you can modify yours to use less. For example, you can use all red gears if you don't have yellow ones (like in the second picture), and you can also place the counterweight in different locations so that part doesn't use gears at all (as seen in the third picture). You can also leave the counterweight out altogether, but the lift movement will be less smooth. I'll say more about these modifications later, in Steps 5 and 6.

Rods: 297

green- 104

white- 68

blue- 92

yellow- 23

red- 7

rigid tan- 3 (not required, but recommended)

Connectors: 242

dark grey- 27

light grey- 8

red- 43

green- 16

yellow- 53

orange- 28

white- 9

blue- 14

purple- 44

Other: 113

blue spacer- 53

silver spacer- 22

tan clip- 8

Y clip- 10

small blue/brown gear- 1

medium red gear- 3

medium yellow gear- 3

small wheel- 5

small tire- 5

medium wheel- 1

medium tire- 1

newer-style battery-powered motor (green)*- 1

Total: 652

*You can use a different motor if you wish, but you'll have to modify the motor section.

<p>Nice! A new lift that totally build ahead of time! Great design. Great functionality. Just one question: Are there any other lifts you are going to post instructions on or is this the only one? </p><p>Thanks!</p><p>-OfficialKNEXGUY </p>
<p>Thanks! As for the other lifts, right now I'm rebuilding the stair-arm lift, and I might post the wheel lift.</p>
Great work Shadowman! interesting design. I'm definitely going to make this lift, but change it up a bit with a few ideas I have to inhance it. I'll be sure to share some pictures when it's complete!!
<p>Thanks, and I'm looking forward to see the changes!</p>
<p>I might put this in my ball machine. It looks cool, but it uses a bunch of pieces. If I use it, I will give you credit.</p>
<p>Alright, keep in mind you can take many &quot;shortcuts&quot; to reduce the pieces used. </p>
<p>True. I will probably make this instead of a boring micro chain lift.</p>

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