K'nex Video Game Stand





Introduction: K'nex Video Game Stand

About: Hi I'm Primalus and I'm a disappointment to my friends and family. I also like Nintendo and art and stuff.

Just thought I would show off this quick little thing. It's pretty easy to build, so I may add instructions on how to do it later. I've also added a ball machine and rollercoaster. Depending on the layout, it can hold quite a number of standard size video game cases.



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    This is really cool

    This is really cool!! Please make instructions!!!!!!

    This is something I'd love to see a video of.


    2 years ago

    In order for this to be on instructibles, you have to have instructions on how to make it. This is not a site to show off what you have made, it is for instructions and tutorials.

    2 replies

    No not necessarily, there are thousands of instructables showcasing what people have built.

    I think this is great by the way, I love how there is a rollercoaster integrated into it. Great job =)

    Thanks for the tip, but I've seen plenty of other users show off their stuff without posting any instructions, so I don't really see why I can't do the same.