Knex Videogame Holder




Introduction: Knex Videogame Holder

About: Name is Kyle. JUST MOVED TO UK! :D I love Knex, Minecraft, CoD, and Legos. I wish you the gassiest beans, and the beaniest gas! -Gassybeans

This is a quick, but sturdy holder for your xbox, ps3, ps2, ps1, oh you get the point....... games. This prolly takes about 3 minutes or less to make, so get those k'nex and have some fun!

Step 1: How to Make....

pic 1. Get these pieces. There should be:
 - 4 red connectors
- 2 orange connectors
- 2 dark grey connectors
- 3 yellow rods
- 2 green rods
- 1 white rod
pic 2. make two of theses
pic 3. shown here
pic 4. add a yellow rod to each
pic 8. attatch to the base
pic 9. add the grey connectors
pic 10. congrats! your done!
pic 11. i made a bunch of them for my xbox games, doesnt it look so organized??



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    The old COD games are where its at.... nobody has mods for those, and you dont have spawn camping, and all of the overpowered guns.......

    Lol, but true. I still play cod 1 and sometimes cod 2 with some friends =D

    Cool. I have CoD 1, 2, mw1 (wii) and black ops (wii)

    I've only got Black Ops. Not really a fan of COD

    Ok. I downloaded 1 and 2 (play them with friends via Xfire)
    I got MW1 with a Dutch holiday called ''Sinterklaas" and I bought black ops myself

    Ah, im a Halo/TF2 fan.

    Oh ok. I can't play halo (no xbox, I have a wii and old ps2)

    I've got Xbox 360, PS2, PSP, and a WII.

    Jawuhl! (can't make the u with dots, goes wierd then: ü)