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Introduction: Knex Vintage F1 Car

This is an F1 car that I built out of knex. It has independent suspension and steering and looks like a car from 1967/1968.
The suspension is actually the flexibility of the knex under load but you can put real springs in place of the spacers on the suspension.

Step 1: Front Suspension and Steering

Make all of this stuff and just follow instructions.

Step 2: Front Frame

This is the front of the frame and attaching the front wheels.

Step 3: Driver Tub & Engine

This is where the driver sits and the engine. The engine is a V8 with individual carbs and air filters.

Step 4: Rear Suspension

This is the rear frame and suspension. Almost done!

Step 5: Putting It Together

Step 6: Wings

In 1968 F1 cars were allowed to have wings. Teams put the wing struts on the suspension to improve grip but that caused failures of the aerofoils. The next year the wings had to be mounted to the frame. This car has wings that would be found on a Lotus 49B.

Step 7: Modifications

A few months ago I heavily modified the car.
Excuse the dust, it was in storage.  

What I changed was the rear suspension, I moved it closer to the front of the car.
I also change the rear end, and put in a mock transmission.

These pictures are of the car in non-wing 1967 spec, and winged 1968 spec.

I think that the modification really helped with the looks of the car.



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    1 reply

    Thanks, it took a lot of effort but it was definitely worth it.

    The problem with crashing is that the car had no brakes, you can see that the tow string is attached to the steering column, so if the car goes off course it will steer itself back on target.

    I've almost solved the braking problem, it uses a system that releases the brakes when the car is being pulled, and then when the bike slows down, the brakes on the car engage. I just have to test it on the road, there's a lot of snow though, so it will have to wait for a few months.

    In the meantime I'm painting a paper mache model of a Toyota GT-One that fits over top of the car.

    Yep! And thanks. : )

    It's a model of this.

    If you think this is(wich it already is) then i sugest you should play Grand Prix Legends(shortway GPL) this is a 1998 pc sim about the 1967 F1 season.
    More impressive is the fact that it's still alive!
    They are still racing online, building tracks and custom carsets and seasons.

    15 replies

    Yes, I know quite a bit about GPL. ;)

    After playing GPL for a bit I decided to make a car that looked a bit like the ones in the game.

    cool! I can't wait to see

    :lol: I meant that after playing GPL I made the car that you see today.
    But a few months ago I heavily modified it, and it looks WAY better.
    The pics will be uploaded in just a moment.
    Edit: New pictures are up, go to the last step.

    I really like the looks of this car right now!

    It even persuade me to wants to even play more GPL!

    I haven't build much with Knex for a long time but my my steering wheel mount from K'nex is still intact!
    I maybe will modify it, so it will be sturdy enough to handle my g27; or later in life a Fanatec wheel.

    Nice, I have a G25 with a rig that I made in manufacturing class.
    And how did you make something strong enough to hold a wheel?!?
    Even my 1 inch steel square tubing still moves a bit.

    it is flimsy it moves alot but it can handle my new Fanatec Porsche Turbo S wheel with shifter the only i gonna adjust is the spcing on the ground so that the Clubsport pedals wil fit between the support legs

    Ah, I guess the movement can't really be helped with a good force feedback wheel like the Fanatec, and those are some nice pedals too.

    In manufacturing class I'm right in the middle of making a base for inverted G25 pedals, and if I can get a steering wheel, then I'll make a hub adapter as well.

    especially the clubsport pedals i have the V1 version and it is a beast it weighs around 12 kg.
    Even with the rubber feets it moves alot becaus instead of padel distance it use pedal pressure for the brakes and thats why it moves alot.

    Ah, so you have the hydraulic brakes, that's pretty sweet.
    I guess you would need either wood or metal to prevent it from shifting while you drive.

    Just a load cell brake.
    maybe i will put it on wood or metal.
    but maybe in the future i will get a pleichair from pleifactory with the pedal base so that the pedals won't move.

    Derp, completely forgot about a load cell, still a way better option than a potentiometer.
    I made that in my manufacturing class last year, it's a world of difference when you compare it to just clamping it on a table. (Inverted pedal base is almost done.)

    Nice, very nice.
    I can only clamp my wheel(s) on my desk and hope that they won't move around.
    I also have prevent my desk chair from moving around.

    Ah, I used to use a desk chair and the brake pedal is strong enough that you just push yourself back instead of actually braking. XD

    Hopefully you can rig up something to hold your gear. :tup:

    I use a piece of wood that prevents the wheels from my chair to moving around i stil need to place it right so that it won't to either sides.