K'nex Vorganjund Rifle V2 (Build)




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Introduction: K'nex Vorganjund Rifle V2 (Build)

Sorry I couldn't get this out earlier I've been preoccupied with school and such. Remember to comment, rate, and subscribe.

Step 1: Plates and Front Internals

Step 2: Mid Internals and Trigger

Step 3: Back Internals and Ram

Step 4: Turret and Bands



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    i really like the looks of it. but is it possible to use a smaller turret cilinder??

    its to hold something in place i forget what it was

    That just looks... Unnecessarily huge. Nice work though and it looks cool.

    2 replies

    Can you put a 8 shot turret on it? I don't have enough for the 18 shot one. Otherwise, looks great!

    3 replies

    I'd probably have to completely change the the mid section but I could do it and thanks

    .....I dont know what to say,after so many years of dreaming about building this gun it is finally happening =D lol

    1 reply

    That's ok and thanks