Knex Vorganjund Rifle V2





Introduction: Knex Vorganjund Rifle V2

The new and improved version. Way better than the V1, it can fire up to 50 feet and you could still put more power on it. I will be posting this but I don't know how long it's going to take with school and all. I hope you guys will enjoy this. Remember to comment, rate, and subscribe. :)



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    question, do the "rounds" catch on anything to stop the barrel from spinning? or is it all done by hand?

    5* and a sub :D

    Yes it does get stopped by something I'll try and post it soon so you can see. Thanks for the sub :D

    wow, that must be hidden rather well D: and i like the sounds of posting it up ^_^ no worries :D

    This got you a sub bro. How far and powerful does it shoot ?

    thanks and about 45 feet

    Looks super awesome! I like how you incorporated the grip into the front barrel part. (I always end up with placing it under it, which is fugly :l ) The sight are great, as is the stock.

    Nice, i just wish i had more 1-way and 2-way gray connectors, because i dont have enough to make those turrets :(

    thanks I barley had enough to do it