Knex W.O.P. Mk1 (Whiplash Oodammo Pistol)





Introduction: Knex W.O.P. Mk1 (Whiplash Oodammo Pistol)

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This is an Oodammo pistol that was created for knex wars and for fun. It is called whiplash because it has recoil to it. Lets see some pros and cons, shall we? 

Extreme Power
High Range 50-65 ft
Shoots Oodammo
NO broken pieces needed

Short 7 round clip
Blue rod has to be superglued to the yellow con if you want it to stay on

The Dunkis for his EPIC Oodassault pistol

Use this gun in a war, it will OWN anyone. BUY THIS AT AMMUNATION TODAY!!!!! 



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    Its a pistol that shoots a white rod with a red connector on the front. This ammo is one of the most stable in flight when shot at a flat angle.

    This is the best mag-fed sidearm EVER XD It would pwn in a war, but not like the R.C.P. Mk4 would =D

    Theres one problem, the LZ is WAY to hot; we cant risk getting shot down by the surrounding SAM sites. OPEN FIRE!!!! XD

    All the good guns like the NAR and SR-V2 eh? I will make a forum topic about it soon.