This little beast is back and has better looks than the Mk1. The performance.. OH just read the stupid pros and cons already XD

Very Powerful
High Range 50-60 ft
Better looks
Sniper Handle
SEAR Trigger

Blue mag rod will sometimes shoot off with the last round
Blue rod is slightly modded if you look carefully

Credits: The Dunkis for his EPIC Oodassault V3

This is THE sidearm that is MAG-FED to own in a knex war XD BUY IT TODAY AT AMMUNATION!!!!  

****UPDATE**** Here is what I made of this gun XD

Wow. I just realized how much this looks like TD's Oodassault 3. *Retrospect comment*
POST! >:c
Hey buddy, this thing has been gone for MORE than a year now. This thing is so outdated.
I like this one its soooo awesome ! But can you please try? For me ? :3
Nice, but i like your mk1 better. lol :)
Your opinion =D
They both have about the same power XD
Yeah, I like the old handle better. Its just looks. but great gun none the less<br>
Do you like my picture?
yeah thats beast<br>
You know what it is?
A laser tag pistol? <br> <br>haha but is it just a pistol? <br>
Its an M1911 .45 with infra-red like colors =D
I used paint.net for that awesome picture =D
What's a sniper handle? It looks impractical for a pistol. Other than that, good work.
A sniper handle is the handle from a sniper =D And thank you for that comment, you are a knex god =D *yea I overdo it with the smileys a little =D*
Haha cheers, I'm really not though, there are plenty better :) I may get the knex out this summer again, haven't been at it for a while...
That sounds like a plan =D
I miss it, I've just had so much work and minecraft :P
Yea, I always manage to find time though =D I really like your Storm Assault and snipers =D But I have not built them =(
nice! =D
Thank you XD What do you like the best about it?
handle looks way better than TDs =D
Yea man, it does by a lot. It is the handle for my creeping death rifle (slightly modified to fit properly) =D Im going to see what happens when I put a 3rd band in it XD
nice XD
3 bands do not increase the range very far. And the power did not go up very far either =(
=( lol
I might make a Mk3 of this sometime =)
do! =D
I dont know what the upgrades will be though...
What is &quot;RDS&quot;
red dot sight
niice =D
I hope its deadlier than the R.C.P. Mk4 XD
same lol XD
Mk3 will be a sniper Oodammo pistol XD
epik! =D
SNIPER PROJECT CANCELLED, pin guide kept breaking and mag kept shooting off &gt;:(
But ti did shoot a good 90 ft when muzzle loaded; and when the pin guide actually worked.
I am working on the Creeping Death Mk3 =D
vey nice!
Project is held up by the making of the SP-51 Desert Eagle Mk2 'ible.
nice! im making a very cool gun right now... its gonna be sick!
Post some pics when it is done =D

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