Introduction: SW-15

Alright, ive had a few people ask me to post, ive had the pics for this for so long,  but i was waiting for ratings and views to got up, but its been far too long so ill post it now, Uses a few broken/cut pieces, so ONTO THE PICTURES!!!!

Step 1: Panels and Internals

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Step 2: Main Body and Handle

Step 3: Scope

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Step 4: Stock

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Step 5: Mag and Band Placement

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    Nice, You used my suggestion for a name. I'm building it now, we'll seehow I like the product

    Ran out of pieces and time so it never got made

    It's called little brothers who get into your crud

    That sucks. Im the youngest, so its all good for me :P

    normally i'm a guy that only goes for epic range
    made a crossbow that fired about 190 feet but this thing looks so awsome that yes bro............ im going to build it
    can i add more than 2 64's? probably bricks some knex haha

    You can add more, but the problem is loading, pulling back the firing bin shouldnt be a hassle, it has to have performance, and realiability, and somewhat looks, and i dont recommend adding because i dont get knex too often, its only when i have money, which isnt too often, so yea, go for it if you have money for replacements, its your choice

    ouch 112 yellow connectors i hope that's enough >_<

    Find out, and you dont have to do the scope, you can to iron sights if there isnt enough