Knex Walker, by Bannana Inventor.


Introduction: Knex Walker, by Bannana Inventor.

This is knex walker I made. It's about 18in x 12in. It's walks at a good pace, and never trips. Enjoy and don't forget to vote for this in the Robot Contest if you liked it. :D

Step 1: Building the Frame.

Build the frame as shown.

Step 2: Building the Feet.

Build the feet as shown. Picture three is a side view of picture two.

Step 3: Buiding and Connecting the Feet.

Picture one: Build the other foot. It's the same thing as foot one just built the opposite way.

Picture two: Add the orange, gray, and white pieces. Those go on all four feet. These will hold the feet on.

The rest of the pictures: Are just the finished walker from a bunch of angles.

I hope you enjoyed, also if you have any modification ideas please tell me. Thank You!!! :D



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    you have created 2 awesome inventions this and the banana.

     do you have to have that motor

     do you have to have tht type of motor i hve the one from the starburst spinner tb soon plz

    see what happens when you put two of these together with the same body mechanism to connect them... i bet it goes very fast. and hurts.

    i am going to try and make a robot with this lolXD

    You really ought to post a video of this running walking, so we can see how good it is.

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    A video will be up in less the 20 mins. Stupid Youtube is slow.

    ɹoʇuǝʌuı ɐuɐuuɐq ıɥ

    I know it never uploaded on youtube. Stupid youtube. lol

    yes, When I saw that message, it was 15 seconds ago.

    4 hours, even slower!

    Thank You!!! I have it as an Instructable now so you can build it. This in the Robot contest too if you wanted to vote for it. :D