I made these things a while ago, but i wont post it unless you guys really really want to.
Have fun looking!
<p>thas look like my lonch pad </p>
I WANNA BUILD TEH FERRIS WHEEL TINGY!! <br> <br>- Your Future Master
What's the thing in the fifth and sixth pictures? It looks like a toaster...<br />
Dude. Leave. Me. Alone.
well it is ok to talk with people. and that is like my first comment in weeks
I've told you not to necro comments before. Just don't do it.
whta is necro
Ask somebody who<em> cares.</em> I am one of the people who is sick of explaining what that means to people who obviously won't acknowledge it anyway.<br>
It is a toaster! YAYZ! You get a smack and &nbsp;a cookie!
Yay me!<br />
*iams railgun*<br />
staa ever fake you big bozo
what is staa little bro?
Yo! posted the big thing! check it out!
on the third picture what is that whit pellet?
it's a white rod, put there by accident
A whith knex rod.
He shouldnt post the second picture or the last 2 pictrues.
Third what?
I am going to post the big thing where Wall-E puts his stuff
post that large thing with the red motor and yellow gears!
Alright, I'll try to rebuild it and post it!
wow this is cool!
Thanks man!
Yah post the thing dj said.

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