From the new Disney Pixar movie, Wall-E. I know it doesn't look like him, because... it's made out of Knex!

Step 1: Wall-E

Try to build if you can

Step 2: More Parts of My Knex Wall-E

better veiws
Not bad, you should take a look at my version :)
cool!&nbsp; can u show&nbsp; us how to build it?<br /> <br />
i built one a couple days ago:D and it scoops up&nbsp; garbage<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />
it's a sweet little model ya got there :D<br /> WALL-E's my favorite disney movie, I'm a sucker for robots <br />
I made this once and it fell of my counter (like 3 feet) then it got stepped on D: so I definitly have to bui;d this agian
bad Viccie.B1993 bad! you copied this!
viccie copied this! congrats!
i thought wall.e had tank treads
can it make cubes?
o yeah...when some walks by my wall.e he will put out his hand and shake when he is shaking hands he will say wall.e
im building a knex wall.e too but mine is a robot, it can shake hands,see people walking by, and move quickly
Does it pick stuf up?
I love the idea that you have here, but it would be better as a Slideshow. If you can make instructions and everything, that would be great, but for this, I love your creativity and stuff, so I'm giving you +5/5 stars.
Well, Umm... Perhaps better suited as a slideshow? Other than that, it looks great.
i like it can u post how to build it
please post the whole instructible, because i have been waiting for just about a month
all you need to do is make mo
IT BETTER HAVE A TRASH COMPRESSOR!!!! lol does hte chest open to store trash in their? :O greeat idea, Wall-E trash cans. well make millions!
That is a good idea...
heck yeah!
Now we need an "eev-a" ;D
the head loks like him.
Oh I see...
You spelled "looks" wrong. lol :D
can you please post specific instructions for everything about Wall-E (i am having a very hard time)
Haha That cool!
z0mg really cool looking, post a parts list too please?
now ive rated it. lets see what it does
if you get instructions!!!
sweet my bro is gonna build this

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