Knex Wall-E's Head





Introduction: Knex Wall-E's Head

About: I do not use this website anymore. All my "instructables" old; when I was 13. If some instructions are weird or cannot be understood, try it or give up. I will not tolerate negative comments and I will not c...

So many peices.

Step 1: Eyes

looks like him...

Step 2: Main Part of the Head (part1)

I don't see why i have to add in the description.

Step 3: Main Part of the Head (part2)


Step 4: Finish It!

final part of building it

Step 5: Adding the Elastic

do to rotate head



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    i need better view

    Should I post this? It's a knex mp5 with a detatchable (fake) magazine.

    18 replies

    Please, no - Wall-E is much more a display of creativity and imagination than yetanotherknexgunthatlooksnearlyrightifyousquint.

    jahoovi please ignore kiteman's opinion.

    "...ignore kiteman's opinion..." if you want the K'Nex community to continue to be known as those kids who keep making guns.

    I've already said elsewhere, if you want the K'Nex image to improve, you must diversify your projects. This is a perfect example - a unique creation, not just another in a long list.

    Some people just don't want to be helped...

    I definitly agree Id rather be making more things than guna but if you search "Knex" then 90% of what you find will be a gun made by kids and teenagers

    i agree withdsman195276 on this. Why should we stop doing what we like to make a single person happy? Its not like its harming you in any way kiteman, so stop trying to destroy our tradition! Do we insult your instructables? No. Also, guns are a display of creativity, including my gun which i am about to post which has a new mechanism - which i invented, i need creativity todo that! Yes - we dont want to be helped because we dont need help, you are trying to stop us from having fun. so back off kiteman!

    ...your tradition? So, K'nexers have, like, traditions? Are you a culture then? With your own language and customs? And country? And legislative body? And leader?

    whoah! slow down, i said tradition not society. knex has a "tradition" of making guns.

    I think you mean that K'nexers have a tradition of making guns?

    yes i do. is it harming you? i suggest you back down. you are basically asking us to delete about 400 instructables, which is never going to happen.

    I don't think anybody has ever asked a K'Nexer to delete their project, unless it has been badly produced - bad spelling, poor grammar, lack of punctuation, blurred, non-macro photographs, you know the kind of thing.

    I suggest you take a chill pill, and consider carefully what your over-reaction to valid comments is doing to the already-poor reputation of K'Nexers amongst those of us who can actually spell the thing you are so obsessed with.

    dont patronise me. I can spell it, I just cant be bothered to type apostrophes, and by the way, it doesn't have a capital n, so you can't talk. And also, im not overreacting - you are insulting the hobby of about half of the users of this site. I don't insult your hobbies(except for the critisizing of most knex guns), dont insult ours. And don't say you aren't insulting knex guns, I quote from you: "yetanotherknexgunthatlooksnearlyrightifyousquint" I think someone can't use the space key.

    Way to go maintaining the stereotype :-D

    ...cant be bothered to type apostrophes...

    Which is part of the problem - I am normally reluctant to apply stereotypes (I don't drink tea myself), but why do K'NEXers* refuse to conform to the standards expected by the site?

    ...about half of the users of this site...

    Which half? The half that posted the 400 K'NEX projects, or the half that posted the 11,000 non-K'NEX projects?

    ...insulting knex guns...

    Please, show me one post where I insult any specific K'NEX gun. I still don't understand why you have to focus on guns. Why not do what other typical K'NEXers do?


    *Some of us learn from our mistakes

    Why not do what other typical K'NEXers do?

    why should we? our entire world was created because of people who tried different things. i mean, technically we are, because what k'nexers do is create thing out of knex, so we are.

    you just don't understand, you just so full of thinking that your right you have block out hearing anything from me.

    Kite r u young cause i checked out the stuff u made and there's a kid in 1 of em.

    As Adrian said, I am forty. The younglings in the images are my children.

    The eldest is looking forward to September 2009 - he'll turn 13 and be allowed to be a member.

    (In case you didn't notice when you read the site's Terms of Service, there is a rule against under-thirteens being members of this site.)