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Introduction: Knex Walther PPS

For those who want a knex gun to function like a real gun, here is my attempt at it. This is a model of the Walther PPS that has a fake removable mag, comfy pistol grip, nice sliding rail, fake trigger. And if you guys like this gun a lot, I'll post it. Hope you guys like it!!!!!!!!!



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    check out my walther pps build that one does shoot and thanks

    Nice job! It looks like a very clean, cool looking sidearm. I agree with what Red said, though: make it shoot and give BM credit. I'm going to look at your other weapons and subscribe. :D

    oh ok n thanks

    I just post my Walther PSS (Build) so check it out

    Not bad. =D I would suggest that you make it shoot, which would not be hard at all, and you might want to give credit to BM for the handle.

    thanks n I'm trying to make shoot and when i do ill post and I will give BM the credit for the handle and mag

    yeah and what should I call it when I post cause I don't know what to call it

    I would call it exactly this: "Walther PPS (Build)". Add the the build in parenthesis, and take out the "K'NEX" part of the title, as that really is not necessary. People put "K'NEX" in their titles all the time, and I really don't see the point. I usually don't.

    oh ok thanks