So your friend calls and says..

"Hey I'm having a Knex war tomorrow, you in?"
So you respond yea I'll be there, you hang up the phone and realize you don't have a war gun..... Until now

Lady's and gentlemen I present to you (drums beat to increase suspense) my Knex War Pistol V2

This thing is packed full of goodies just for a Knex war from adding a 100% jam free gun to a mag lock that works with the mag half in.

War gun
Works great
45-50 foot range (perfect for indoor wars)
Medium ram pull so you don't pull the ram out of the gun easily
Looks decent
Sturdy internal preloaded 8 round mags
100% reliability
Ummmm I don't think there are any

So let's get to building

This gun requires many broken pieces, if you like having all your pieces intact you probably don't want to build this gun.

If your ok with breaking your pieces please proceed to the next step.

YouTube link - http://youtu.be/5A2ykLP6ND4

Step 1: The Gun

Just follow the pics.

To put in ram, find the hole in the back of the gun and push it in, then pull the trigger to let it all the way through. I suggest putting 2-3 bands on the ram but 4 is pushing it.

Step 2: Mag/s

So now your done.

To load mags gather your ammo (a purple one slot connected to a green rod, connected to a metallic connector)

Insert all ammo, pull back the ram, insert mag, aim and pull trigger. Repeatedly do this until your mag is empty.

made a few modification and I must say this is a great build. well done!
<p>You know, this is really pretty decent, but I have a few things to suggest that might improve the gun overall... If you don't mind me putting my two cents in...</p><p>The first thing I'd say is that if this is a pistol, you really need to downsize, like, everything. The whole point of handguns is for compact &quot;conceal-ability,&quot; and while your gun does what it does really well, it really isn't a pistol... more like a handcannon... or SMG. SO, in order to fix this, here is what I'd do. Scratch the whole pistol idea and make it a full blooded SMG. Add a stock and some sort of fore-end/ fore grip.... Then you'd have something... As of right now it looks front heavy and just... well... big.</p>
<p>well me and blue mullet already have a war rifle so I don't think I'm going to make this into a smg. I now realize later that this gun really is big. I think I'm going to make a V3 in the future where I'm going to somehow cram everything into a gun the size of a glock 42. Another problem I now see is the ammo type. It's a weird round and would not be easy to pick out in a knex war to reload your 50 mags in you pockets (them would be some pretty large pockets lol). Thanks for you advice though, I'm very appreciate that people are telling me what I can improve vs just telling me nice or good job (not that there's anything wrong with that).</p>
<p>Looks good!</p>
<p>I like it. It's cool. I'd take Viper over it just for reliability and ammo type, but this is pretty decent and epic. Preloaded mags are always a great feature.</p>
Thanks! I wouldn't take viper into a Knex war because the reloads were 30 seconds if you were good. Mine take less than 2 seconds. Plus I think this is more reliable. I have shot 100s of rounds and I have never had one jam.
<p>Well, I was able to reload a little faster then that. You are right though.</p>

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