Picture of Knex Weapons

My knex weapons
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terickson31 year ago


LvNo10002 years ago
The shield looks nice but IDK about the rest. Nice job no less.
I'll mod that shield better if I ever use it
cool mace
That's technically a flail. Maces don't have chains.
flail have spikes
That's not how they're distinguished. FLAILS are maces except the hammering object is attached with a CHAIN.

A MACE is basically a ball on a stick.

Search it on google.
Oh and addition to that, the things with spikes you call "Maces" are called "Morning Stars".
A mace might sometimes have ridges on it to damage armor, but not spikes.
we can have dreams D:
dosnt HAVIK in mortal kombat use it
morning stars are cool
lol, ball on a stick
that's what SHE said ^^
cool sword bro, maybe I will try to top it
knexboy5863 years ago
can i post the knife PLEASE!!
kwibus243 years ago
post the mace
joey994 years ago
post the revolver
KnexFreak360 (author) 4 years ago
Sorry every one for the mace issue I named it wrong and cheezpaper is right about it being a flail