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Introduction: K'nex Auto-Clicker

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Hey guys, here are the instructions for my K'nex auto clicker. It works awesomely.

Well, let's go to the pros and cons.


- Can easily be modded
- Can be upgraded with a gearbox
- The system is hidden in a very strong box just like my gearbox
- Can be used with many kinds of mouses


- Uses quite some pieces for a K'nex auto-clicker. You can find some other, more piece efficient ones than this one.

Well, let's start building and eh, don't forget to rate!

Step 1: Build the Base Plate and a Side Wall.

Read all image notes.

Step 2: Make the Inside Things.

Read all image notes.

Step 3: Make the Roof Part.

Read all image notes.

Step 4: Make the Motor-holding Part.

Read all image notes.

Step 5: Add a Mouse.

Read all image notes.

Step 6: Make a Finishing Part.

Read all image notes.

Step 7: You're Done!

Now make 2!



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    Uhm well why wouldn't this thing work with a mouse pad?

    On some of the white bars there is some orange stuff. Not sure what it it but years ago when I had K'nex I made a drop ride and put some orange highlighter ink on the white ones to make them glow under black light. I wonder if those are my parts ^^ would be cool

    1 reply

    Nah man, I painted them myself ;-)

    It would definately be cool if those were yours.


    my mouse doesn't fit i should call it a rat (p.s. it also has a track ball)

    4 replies

    Mods are free, lol.

    i know but my click button is at a 45 degree angle

    Make the clicking rod at a 45 degree angle ?

    This is an old comment I sent to MegaMetal some time:

    'I have many games where you have to be online/present behind the computer to get recources. You just use this machine, put your computer mouse in, and let it operate for some hours or the time you prefer. If you come back, you will have many recources!'

    so for example . when u are playing a online mutiplayer game on the pc the clicker clicks the mouse

    thats cool is there going to be a new one ?

    A new what? Auto Clicker?

    No. Why don't you make it?

    No. Why don't you make it?

    Wasnt this posted before the challenge?