K'nex Welding Mask


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Introduction: K'nex Welding Mask

About: I'm a DIYer. (Arent we all?) I like making things do things they're not supposed to do. Usually, they work for about five minutes, then explode in flames. XD I am an ultra Minecrafter (username=NO0B97) who ...

I built originally built this mask for saftey when testing experimental k'nex guns. When I finished, i noticed that it closely resembled one of the saftey masks welders wear. I will not post instructions because I think the pictures are pretty self-explanatory. I will say that not every part used connectors. You may notice that two yellow rods overlap to create an "X" shape. Please dont comment about how many gaps in the framework there are. I know that and am working on a second, better version. The back strap is also sort of flimsy. You may want to change the yellow rods on the strap to whatever size best fits your head. Please, be nice.



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