Knex Gamecube Racing Wheel




Introduction: Knex Gamecube Racing Wheel

Use this to make a Gamecube Racing Wheel out of Knex. It is built around a Nintendo Wavebird wireless controller

. Coming soon: A youtube video of it!



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    why is it that this instructable always comes up first when you search knex?

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    hey trevmister its me the guy who made your a pedal steering wheel anyway i made a really cool invention it will be on youtube soon i built lots of tiny knex hands to move the analog stick and hooked it up to string what it does is you put this knex backpack on and put the helmet on plug it into the ps2 and if you look to your right you do in the game if you look to your left you do in the game you can pull out your gun shoot people move about its cool!

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    Nice! send me a link/instructions some time XD (even if its just like what I did for mine just showing the mechanism and workings.) :P

    I agree with The Dawg. You could do instructions.

    i cant even see what it is ????

    This is so awesome please post an instructable please please please please please please

    If you search Knex Wheel you will find it ;)

    DANG IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS2, due to it's size, shape and setup would be much harder to do. Also, with the wii all you need to do is make a rectangle that would fit around the wiimote (with something to hold it in) and put a small ring around it with flexable pieces (I can't do it myself though due to having no wii)

    they already have something like that for wii but i might try to build a stand and pedals and post it up

    Well, I wish you luck! This wheel took me a whole weekend to figure out >_> lol

    ah, very cool! i like it better when people post instructions, but your slideshow is cool too i guess.

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