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Introduction: K'nex Whisk

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Have you ever had one of those moments when you have been whisking something for ages by hand and you can't get the smooth mixture you want. Who am I kidding, we've all had them! Well then, this instructable is for you! With my hard efforts, I have created the Super Fast Ultimate Kitchen K'nex Whisk. If you do manage to make it post a picture and I will add it to the last step. Also I will hopefully be posting my BIGGER project tomorrow!

So, get your K'nex and lets get mixing (I know awful pun :P)

This is one of my entrys for the Rods and Connectors contest so I would appreciate a vote Jamie Oliver!

Step 1: Parts List

Firstly, lets gather the following:

Note - the pieces are labelled in there classic K'nex parts


Flexi green rod (seen as black in the picture) - 4
Red - 8
White - 59
Green - 12


Red 3 way - 28
Purple 3D - 24
Grey 1 way - 37
White 8 way - 9


Tan clip - 7
Blue Spacer - 10
Silver Spacer - 10
Small Blue Cog - 3
Red Cog - 3

Step 2: The Main Structure and the First Axle

In this step you will make the main part of the whisk and the very first axle.

1) Make this
2) Another view
3) Attach the motor to it as shown
4) Another view
5) Make this (the main part)
6) Another view
7) Another view - make sure you have those green rods on the end
8) Attach the axle with the motor in as shown to the main part ( you will have to take the motor out to get the white connector through and then put the motor back on with and hoop the other white connector through)
9) Another view (make sure you have the grey clip on the end!)

Step 3: The Second Axle

In this step, you will make and attach the second axle. It is slightly different to the first so don't get muddled. It is a little easier than the last but be sure to pay attention

1) Begin by making this
2) Another view
3) Attach as shown to the other bit you made in the last step
4) Another view of what you should have
5) Another view - add the grey clip as shown

Step 3 complete, lets move on!

Step 4: The Third Axle

In this step, you will make the third axle, again its not the same as the others so lets get on with it! ;)

1) Start by making this
2) Another view
3) And another view
4) Attach as shown - make sure it goes all the way
5) Another view
6) And another view
7) A final view - make sure that the grey clips on the end as shown

Step 5: The Whisk

Yes! Finally you get to make what this instuctable is all about, the whisk itself! This should be fairly easy.

1) Make this
2) Another view
3) Another view - a close up of the whisk
4) Another view - make sure the tan clip is in place. Otherwise it won't move (sorry its blurry!)
5) Another view - make sure the grey clip is in
6) Final view

Step 6: Assembly

Just attach as shown

1) Attach
2) Another view
3) Another view
4) Final view of what you should have

Step 7: The Handle

In this step you will be making the handle, a bit harder but I have faith in you if you have come this far! =D

1) Make this
2) Another view
3) Another view - make sure the silver spacers are in
4) Another view
5) Another view - same with blue spacers
6) Make this
7) Another view
8) Attach as shown
9) Another view

oooo getting closer to the end. Onwards and Upwards!

Step 8: Assembly

Attach as shown, your nearly there =D!

4) Attach as shown in picture - make sure you attach it the right way (it might be a bit of a squeeze, getting the motor through it.
4) Another view - make sure the bottom is connected
4) Another view
4) And a final view

Step 9: Your Done

Hurray for you, you have made my Ultimate Kitchen K'nex Whisk. Go easy on the eggs and things may get sticky and enjoy :P. I hope you are happy with it, if so I would appreciate a vote for the contest! Also be sure to check out my other posts =D Feel free to comment!



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    Now that I think about it, a green motor would probably not be powerful enough. I'll try to modify it to use a Tethered Power Pack Motor instead.

    Congratulations for being selected as a finalist in the Toy Rods and Connectors Contest!

    Oh why thank you! Congratz to you too! =D =D =D

    Oh, and I voted! ... I talk too much don't I? :/

    Thanks a lot and hey, I think its better you talk than being the quiet one in the corner lol