Picture of K'nex Wii Wheel
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Picture 022.jpg
This is my K'nex Wii Wheel (for Mario Kart and other racing games).
Pic#1 The Wheel.
Pic#2-6 Different views.
P.S. Make sure you go through all the steps.
And finally inspired by Bartboy.
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Step 1: Gather the materials.

Connectors:8 Orange, 4 Yellow half moon, 8 Black or White full moon, 4 Green, 6 one way Gray.
Rods:6 White, 16 Green or Black, 5 Yellow, 4 Blue.

Step 2: Build The Base.

Picture of Build The Base.
Pic#1: You will need to build four of these, have fun.

Step 3: Putting the Base Together.

Picture of Putting the Base Together.
Picture 026.jpg
Picture 028.jpg
Pic#1: You will need a yellow rod connecting the 4 pieces together at each yellow box.
Pic#2: Add the 6 Gray connectors where the yellow box is.
Pic#3 What it should look like all connected.

Step 4: Adding the Wii Remote.

Picture of Adding the Wii Remote.
Picture 031.jpg
Picture 032.jpg
The video should help you guys out.
Pic#1Extra information.
Pic#2 Should look Like this when you are done.
Pic#3 Another View.
SN1P3RL0RD2 years ago
cool i play mario kart with it!!
cool knex133 years ago
Hay Daniel662000 have a look at the one I have made.
So, you made an uncomfy wii-remote-thick-and-uncomfortable-holdthing while you could just hold it horizontal, or buy mario kart and get an good game+2 wii wheels? anyway, you get 3* from me for the idea
This is a Wii Brick. Not a Wii Wheel. It's supposed to be round, and you know, wheel shaped!
cool knex133 years ago
ok 2*
noneedto5 years ago
uhm still haven't figured out why you made this.... it only made your controller more thick, and it doesn't look like a wheel? :P
Bartboy6 years ago
Does anyone else think that I deserve credit? you have 2 week till I get = ANGRY =
Bartboy Bartboy6 years ago
Saturation bombers Abort! Abort! Hold fire Thanks, You are no longer my enemy!
DarthVader was banned....*sniff*

Man, this peanut brittle tastes like motor oil.
Sad, but I was not much of a fan... Why?
He was funny, but sometimes spammy.
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LOL, sorry. I mean with like, when you repeat something over and over. Like when you went pcpcpcpcpcpcpcpcpcpcpcpcpcpcpcpcpcpcpcpc.....
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No! Not good! XD
DYLEGO6 years ago
its called a SNOWFLAKE, not a moon
knexjay DYLEGO5 years ago
no one cares wat u call it i call it a snowflake but u can say moon
Matt214975 years ago
Well this isnt exactly a wii wheel and by that i meant it just makes the wiimote fatter
beameron5 years ago
WTF ?! Allote of messages Are removed :P xD
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(removed by author or community request)
Nope,I just hate you.
(removed by author or community request)
Uh oh......
mrbox6 years ago
Put it on like a stand so you can turn it like a real car wheel then you'll get outstanding =) GJ!
Bartboy mrbox6 years ago
I will try, and I will use rubber bands for Auto-centering like with other wheels
Bartboy Bartboy6 years ago
I did it! now it might be to difficult to make an instructable so I will just take a lot of pics
Bartboy6 years ago
hey you know the tennis racket and golf club... this could be used as the holde that you connect them to! I will make a k'nex tennis racket and golf club, it will be posted later!
Bartboy Bartboy6 years ago
Bartboy Bartboy6 years ago
here is the link
Pretty good! I might suggest Not using flash on your next instructable though, it reflects a lot and makes it hard to see. 4 stars.
Bartboy6 years ago
2 things, I posted my wii wheels before you, so I'd like some credit, and this is not a wheel yet it is a holder.
berky936 years ago
I'd add some of those flexible rods to make it round...
ish the whii wheel nice.